Eureka seveN (2005), Xam’d: Lost Memories (2008) + Eureka seveN: Astral Ocean (2012)

Studio BONES + The Skyfalls

Requested by: traparcyclone

I’ve done one for E7 + Xam’d before, but never one for all 3. Here you go!

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< The Resolute Confidence of Renton Thurston >

Eureka seveN —> Eureka seveN AO

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I saw you and everything collapsed underneath me and nothing made sense anymore.

jenn satsune (via ohsatsune)

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Cómic #2 Hora de Aventura

Descarga: Traducido

Contraseña: horadeaventura.com

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In this Field of dreams
Gazing at the infinite possibilities 
The future twinkles
With dazzlingly wonders

Full Version on dA

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Silent Hills, welcome!

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sweet theme, bro.